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Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum Removal Melbourne – For Possum Removal Services That Work.

As all possums are fully protected by Federal Law, we’re not allowed to re-locate them from your property. Having said that, you can be rest assured that our fully trained and experienced possum removalists possess a range of solutions to get your possum issue well and truly under control.

Even though your possum infestation is probably causing you a range of headaches, we won’t be able to take the direct approach of removing your possums by hand.

You see as professional possum removalists; our fully equipped team of possum experts know all the tricks of the trade to remove your pesky possums in a safe and humane manner.

The last thing we as native animal lovers want to do is to harm any possums. After all, by taking up residence in your roof cavity or sub-floor they are only trying to survive in our suburban concrete jungle!

Possum Removal Melbourne – For A Complete Range Of Possum Control Services.

Would you believe that possums can squeeze into gaps as small as a golf ball? All the more reason to get the team from Possum Removal Melbourne over to your property to inspect all possible possum entry and exit points and seal them up once and for all.

  • Obligation Free Onsite Quotations,
  • Possum Removal Services,
  • Possum Control Expertise,
  • Possum Proofing And Preventative Strategies,
  • Residential, Commercial And Industrial Property Possum Inspections,
  • Checking All Accessible Entry Holes For Evidence Of Possums,
  • Checking All Roofing Systems Such As Ridge Capping,
  • Replacing Broken Tiles, Cementing Down Ridge Capping When Needed,
  • Checking Roof Eaves And Possum Proofing,
  • Installation Of Possum Houses.

When you’re tired of listening to possums in your roof cavity at night and want to get the problem solved for good, call us at Possum Removal Melbourne and we’ll deal with it in a safe and professional manner.